SolaRover makes sense...

0 fumes, 0 noise, 0 emissions, 0 maintenance

Fossil-fuel based electricity production causes more damage to the environment than any other single human activity. Solar power is cleaner, quieter and more sustainable. But is it affordable? SolaRover offers a compelling case against diesel when you consider the long-term costs: the capital expenditure for a SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System remains fixed, while ongoing incremental costs for the fuel and maintenance required by fossil fuel powered mechanical generators continue to accrue. Request a solar vs. diesel ROI assessment tailored to the needs of your business.

SolaRover delivers...

Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance* — the ideal Mobile Solar Power System to meet your needs. Every system is custom configured with selected options, in addition to the standard features.

SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System (MSPS) Models

Alvord CubePower and Economy

  • Array: 2.0kW
  • Inverter capacity: 3.6kVA continuous 6kVA surge
  • Battery capacity: minimum 10kWh usable
  • Pallet mounted
  • Compact- Approx. a 7ft. cube
  • Light weight, under 2,500 lbs

  • Optional Alvord Upgrades:
  • Electrical start gen-set w/ fuel tank
  • International 230VAC 50Hz power option
  • Inverter configurations up to 10.8kVA
  • 3 Phase power
  • Battery capacities up to 40kWh
  • Automatic fuel generator interconnections
  • Built in water filtration, satellite communications or water pumping
  • Lower cost drones for network power improvements
  • Military Solar Tactical Array Trailer (STAT)
  • 5kW Array

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Mojave 3Wide Versatility on a Single Engineered Platform

  • Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance*
  • Rated Solar Panel Array from 3-6kW
  • Rated Battery Storage from 20 to 110+ kVAh
  • MPPT charge controller/s for optimal battery life and efficiency
  • High Efficiency Inverters
  •     12kVA surge (standard)
        7kVA continuous (standard)
        120/240VAC output at 60Hz (standard)
        Optional 3rd 208VAC 3-phase power
        Optional Up to 48kVA surge & up to 24kVA continuous
  • US compliant and certified components; with manufacturers warranties
  • 85-90%+ US content
  • DOT certified trailer or Pallet Mount
  • Meets NEC and UL specifications
  • NEC or UL certified components
  • Enhanced wiring for higher efficiency function
  • Hybrid generator interconnect standard
  • Trailer Configuration
  •     2 - 6500lbs torsion axels (optimal ride for electronics)
        Engineered for an ISO shipping container (universal)
        Available in galvanized finish for harsh environments
        Available light weight allaluminum construction.

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SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System Upgrades

Upgraded Batteries, Panels, and more

  • Aluminum Frame for Mojave 3
  • Power Management System
  • Insulated Battery Box
  • Cool Cell Battery Enclosure
  • Extended Inverter Warranty
  • For more details contact your SolaRover representative.

*FOB Factory plus applicable sales taxes
Generator SolaRover™ Gas/Diesel
Run 24/7 YES MAYBE
Noise NO YES
Pollution NO YES
Lifespan 20-30 YRS 3-5 YRS
Regular Maintenance NO YES
Filters NO YES
Overhauls NO YES
Tax Credits YES NO
IEC and UL Certified Components

Performance Comparison

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Performance Curve

Customization Options - Mojave and/or Alvord Series

Ask us for whatever special features the job demands — our ingenuity is up to the challenge. Current options include but are not limited to:

  • 1.8 up to 6.0 Solar Panel Array
  • Up to 110kW Hours of battery storage
  • Up to 6 HE Inverters matching 30kVA generator capability
  • 120/240 outlets or 208 3 phase
  • Generator hybrid addition
  • Security package
  • Secure storage for electronic equipment and tools
  • Workcenter with desk, outlets and canopy


SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power Systems can be configured to meet specific needs for:

  • Agriculture and Ranching
  • Construction
  • Drilling, Mining, Pumping
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Disaster Relief
  • Classrooms or Offices
  • Research Facilities
  • Command Centers
  • Military Operations
  • Any Remote/Off Grid Power Needs
*Batteries require that the fluid be checked on a regular basis.