PV Hybrids

0 fumes, 0 noise, 0 emissions, 0 maintenance

SolaRover Inc. is excited to announce the availability of fixed or temporary Hybrid power systems for our customers at a substantially discounted rate.

PV Hybrid

pv hybrids image pv hybrids image

  • Up to 15 kW of rated output
  • 1 to 3 kW Solar Array
  • 1-2.5 kW wind turbine with up to 12 m manual or auto-telescoping Mast
  • Up to 40 kWh of rated battery storage
  • 60Hz or 50Hz output available
  • 2 person, manual-assisted deployment (<30min) or 1 person automated deploy (<15 min)
  • Palletized for longer term deployment and security
  • Low Cost drone units available for creating a solar farm - compatible with any SolaRover

Price: Call or write for pricing

For pricing information please contact your SolaRover representative, or call us at (888) SOLAR08.