Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this solar generator work in bad weather, or at night?

Yes, SolaRover™ mobile systems are able to receive charge from any light source even in low-light conditions. Inside various buildings (convention halls, large commercial) our engineers saw from 10 to 30% charge coming off of the building lights. During cloudy conditions you can easily get up to a 60% charge.

How long will the solar generator supply power without sun shining on the solar array?

This depends on how much power you're drawing, how many batteries you have in the system, how you've set the inverters, etc. ALL SolaRover™ systems are configured and programmed as "true hybrids" and can either be configured with a fully integrated propane, bio-diesel or diesel generator or can easily connect to virtually any electric start generator. A SolaRover™ hybrid provides 100% power availability security at a fuel and cost savings over a typical fossil fuel generator of 35 to over 80%.

Do I need a permit or license to own a solar generator?

Unlike a residential install our mobile generators require no permits or special licensing. SolaRover™ mobile power systems are zero emission and silent. Please check with your local state and county laws to verify this information.

How long does it take to set the solar generator up for full power production after towing?

About 5 – 10 minutes.

What type of maintenance is involved with these solar generators?

The only required maintenance on these units is keeping the solar panels clean if the get excessively dirty. Since SolaRover uses sealed long life batteries, there are no issues with fluid replacement and the like. Keep the contacts clean, free of water, and check with the manufacture's recommended maintenance schedule.

How simple are these systems to learn and operate compared to a traditional fossil fuel generator?

SolaRover™ systems are extremely simple to operate and far more safe than fossil fuel generators. Since there is no fuel to use or combustion, fire, explosion and burn hazards are mitigated. Operating a solar unit is a matter of flipping switches, pointing it south and plugging it in. Any average person can be trained to operate and use a system in 15-30 minutes.