Mobile generators with the power and reliability of top brand diesel units
—without the noise, fumes or maintenance…

Invictus Energy Solutions - Light Tower Extension

SolaRover is excited to announce its new partnership with Invictus Energy Solutions of North Carolina. This new collaboration has resulted in the introduction of some of the best, highest capacity and most robust compact mobile solar generators equipped with a powerful light tower available in the alternative energy industry. SolaRover and Invictus will be offering fleets of these solar generator lighting systems to domestic US customers at extremely attractive and competitive lease rates for use virtually anywhere in the US. With top notch engineering and design, tough and durable manufacturing by one of America's leading and established manufacturers of heavy duty vehicle PTO, mobile gas treatment and air compressor systems, these new systems will be ideal for tough off-road and remote site duty as well as road projects, construction sites and the tough and demanding rental equipment markets. Please contact your SolaRover representative for introductory fleet placement and lease pricing. READ MORE NOW...

EPA's Region 8 Using the Sun and Solarover

Using the Sun to Power Environmental Cleanup at the Pennsylvania Mine.

Power to go...

Environmentally- responsible, carbon free, mobile power generation is here TODAY! SolaRover Mojave-3 Mobile Solar Power Systems provide CLEAN consistent electricity for all types of commercial, light industrial, and emergency applications - WHEREVER and WHENEVER needed. Categorically clean, absolutely silent and far more economical long term than investments in portable fossil fuel power generators. With unparalleled engineering, leading-edge components, rugged steel or optimal aluminum construction and a variety of practical options, SolaRover IS THE SOLUTION!

Strategic Mobile Solar Power for the World

Engineered, rapid response, mobile solar power generators.

  • Unique US company bringing integrated strategic mobile solar power solutions and strategies to its customers.
  • Compact power units: Fully mobile; Deliver the power of up to a 24kVA gas/diesel generator.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Units easily integrate with, or can be independent of, distributed gas/diesel generators or existing conventional power grids.
  • Improving the distribution of electrical power & wise use of fossil fuels.
  • Bringing 21st century response and preparedness to 20th century infrastructure and logistics.
  • Strategic Solutions- Natural disasters-Protection of the environment.
  • Easy, Rapid Deployment

    • Standard towing hitch; no special permits required
    • One-person set-up; just minutes to plug ‘n power
    • Sustainable Design

    Sustainable Design

    • Zero emissions and fumes; eco-conscious batteries
    • Noiseless operation
    • Streamlined for minimal wind drag during transport

    Reliable and Rugged

    • Premium, warrantied UL and IEC certified solar components
    • 24x7 power option
    • As low as 30% sunlight yields 60% charge
    • Ruggedized for harsh terrain and severe weather conditions

    IEC and UL Certified Components

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    Sustainable energy for remote commercial operations including:

    • Construction
    • Drilling, Mining, Pumping
    • Entertainment and Events
    • Emergency Services
    • Disaster Relief
    • Classrooms or Offices
    • Research Facilities
    • Command Centers